Cell Towers

We have grown to meet the changing needs of the telecommunications industry. Our crews are available for emergency work due to bad weather or other unexpected circumstances. We porvide our crews with the best tools and infomration along with the specialized training to get the job done. By doing this, we are able to guarantee our work and provide you with the best competitive prices.

Structural modifications are sometimes required to accommodate a proposed condition change or to correct existing structural damage.

In some cases, changes result in unacceptable levels of stress in some of a tower's structural members, guy wires. Changes can also have an adverse effect on serviceability by increasing the levels of wind-induced twist or sway at critical microwave dish locations. We can provide efficient and cost-effective modifications that eliminate areas of overstress.

The constant exposure to weather, sometimes severe, can result in structural damage including bent or missing structural members. Exposure to moisture can result in corrosion on structural members, guy wires and guy anchor arms, and connection elements.

We provided our telecom and broadcast clients with various cell and broadcast tower reinforcement/modification including:

  • Fabrication of Reinforcement Parts
  • Vertical pipe leg grouting & reinforcing
  • Diagonal and horizontal bracing replacement
  • Repair of damaged connection gussets
  • Replacement of deficient connection bolts with new high strength bolts
  • Installation and replacement of torque arms to reduce twist and sway deflections
  • Installation of temporary frames to brace damaged tower sections
  • Modifications to tower base
  • Structural platforms