Atlanta Welders safety tips

So you’ve decided to enter into the world of welding…Whether you’re looking at this as a DIY project or something to complement your existing business, welding can be a useful and rewarding skill to master. Yet, newbie Atlanta Welders should consider some tips and tricks before diving headfirst into your first welding project.

Master the equipment before anything; you must fully understand all the equipment you’ll need to use as a welder. Most Atlanta Welders’  accidents occur simply because you’re not aware of how to handle the equipment, where the dangerous parts are, and how to not cause additional damage to the items around you. That’s why you should take the time to read the operating manual of your equipment and, if possible, have a professional welder provide a safety training course.

Safety Gear is a must. Welding gets hot. So you need to ensure that all of your clothing is flame-resistant when welding and that you’re fully covered. It doesn’t mean that you need completely specialized equipment, as denim is a great option, as well as specially treated clothing items. Solid leather works well for boots. It’s not just about the body but ensuring that you’re wearing the right type of welding safety gloves. There have been vast improvements in improved flexibility and weight reduction while at the same time providing the necessary protection.

Don’t forget about your eyes. No, you cannot wear sunglasses, even if the lenses are polarized. However, there are specialized welder face guards you can get that have a protective visor in the right filter shade of green. There are also glasses and goggles you can get if you don’t want to wear the helmet, but wear something else with your safety protection glasses, but make sure that you’re getting the safety glasses with the specialized lenses for arc flash.

Work in the right environment. That means it needs to be free of the clutter that could ignite from the sparks of arc welding. Beyond the clutter, you want the entire area to be separate for the safety of anyone around. Typically, if you do this in your home, you’ll want to be about 30 to 35 feet away from everything else.

Ventilation is key. You want to have your workspace some distance away from everyone, and you’ll want higher ceilings and proper ventilation. The reason is that you can produce harmful fumes as you’re using high-heat equipment to melt metals and other materials. That melting process itself can produce harmful and toxic fumes that you do not want to inhale. If you feel the ventilation system isn’t enough, consider a respirator while working.

In the end

Welding is a very practical and useful skill set to have, but it can easily be very dangerous without taking the right steps to educate and protect yourself. The more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be and the fewer accidents you’ll cause on yourself, your property, and most importantly, your friends and family or customers themselves. See our reviews and call us today.