Atlanta Welding Shop Trends


There have been some beneficial updates for those that operate Atlanta welding shops. New technologies to provide easy workflow training and enhanced safety features allow welders to practice their craft without fear of accidents and with the ability to have advanced functionality.

Automated Welders

The first ones to check out are automated welders. These welder robots are here as the best type of support a professional welding shop would need. Their primary benefit is that they’re able to handle precision work that would not be the safest for human welders to handle due to the proximity and angle of some of these jobs.

They are restricted by the fact that they need to be stationary, but that doesn’t reduce their functionality and usefulness at all. This helps welding shops to get more jobs faster and definitely much safer.

Laser Welders

Another major trend in Atlanta welding shops is the beginning of laser welders as being commonplace. With some of these laser welders, a welding job can be done instantly or just with one pass-through with the welder.

This is high-powered laser light burning at extensive rates. There are some issues with diminishing returns with thicker pieces of metal. Even so, the trend to find improvements with laser welders is already going forward. We’re only going to see better laser welding functionality.

AR and VR for training

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality come into welding shops to be able to bring advanced training to welders in a safe, secure, and heatless environment. It is a great safety training tool, but it also allows welders to be able to model prototypes and virtual schemas without actually having to weld and waste resources.

This type of virtual design will soon become a staple in many welding shops. As a result, a welder can practice the work they will need to do in the real world and see what can go wrong and what works efficiently.

Safety First

Welding can produce a lot of debris and particles that can end up in our bodies. This is especially true as we’re breathing during welding. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us the importance of personal protective equipment.

This precaution has since transitioned to various industries, including your local welding shop, where those advanced filtration systems and protective gear are now available for anyone who is a welder. This measure helps to protect the welder from those dangerous parties entering the body.

The gear isn’t the only thing, as many companies are now making it their priority to have continuous safety training and stock up on other safety equipment to keep their employees safe on the job.

Whereas in the past, it seemed industries in construction had been lagging behind technological advancements, it seems as if their time has come. We will continue to see the innovation in smarter equipment, better safety, and more efficient resource spending on the horizon, as there are a lot of places these types of technology can help prop up welding shops.

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