Atlanta welders need to know these things about welding aluminum

atlanta welder working

If you wonder which city in the USA is known for metal industry prosperity, the answer is Atlanta. Skilled Atlanta welders are famous not only in their hometown but even in the other states.

Welding, in general, and aluminum, in particular, is the core of development in such industries as automotive, aviation and construction. It is a really tough craft, and not everyone is ready to do meticulous and physically challenging labor for hours. Fortunately, we don’t have a lack of aluminum welders yet and a great range of ones are toiling in Atlanta welding shops.

Here the question appears. What knowledge do you need to make the cut in the Atlanta welding aluminum industry?

1. Profound competency

To understand how to work with aluminum properly, study its features and characteristics in detail. For instance, aluminum is covered with an oxide layer, melting of which requires a considerably higher temperature than the metal itself. You also have to remember that aluminum is highly vulnerable. So while welding, dirt, air and water may pollute it, leading to the end product impurity. The metal thickness is under welders control too. They prevent thinner material from burning through, thus making a firm weld. That way, operating with the knowledge of diverse aluminum reactions, you will be capable of easily welding mastering.

2. Work with various aluminum welding types

If you want your business to be ahead of the curve, you can’t apply only one welding process. Knowing the difference between TIG, MIG and plasma welding techniques is essential. The first welding kind is designed for making thin sheets with the aid of changing current. The following technology deals mainly with thick layers since used torches are for getting a high melting pace through the wire. The plasma welding covers permanent current usage, but it isn’t easy to perform because you have to introduce heat in a purposeful way. Acquiring the welding techniques mentioned above will unfold new perspectives for your metal-connected repair commerce.

3. Appropriate equipment usage

Another crucial point is proper equipment application. If you aimed to make use of MIG welding, then a recommended tool is a special carbon PTEF liner. It entirely consists of graphite, enabling a good lubricity lever for aluminum wire welding. When it comes to the TIG process, the correct choosing a tungsten electrode is the key. The best of its kind is a  green pure-tungsten electrode that is responsible not only for solid arc stability but also for including oxides during welding aluminum. Select the right tools and enjoy impressive results.

4. The proper shielding gas and torch angle selection

The welding shop should have protective gases for the high-quality welders’ workflow in its arsenal. Inert gases like argon and its mixtures are common-used for welding aluminum. Sometimes welder workers resort to helium admixtures to achieve a higher temperature within welding. What’s more, don’t forget about the torch angle. We suggest keeping it at a 90 degrees height to prevent a filler from balling up.


If you dream about becoming a professional Atlanta welder or want to make a living in the Atlanta aluminum welding industry, then our article will help to put you on the right track. On the other hand, if you are looking for trusted Atlanta Welders serving the metro Atlanta area call Wilson Welding Service today about your project.