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Advantages of Welding with Aluminum

Aluminum production has been skyrocketing over the past few years as many manufacturing companies are swapping out steel for the handy metal. As a result, aluminum is quickly shaping up to be a cost-effective and efficient material to use for welding, as well as being sustainable! But why exactly is aluminum becoming so appealing to…

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How to Become an Apprentice Welder in 2022

welder apprentice working

Looking to start a new and lucrative trade where you will get to be hands-on with metal? Becoming an apprentice welder is an increasingly popular option for people on the job search in 2022. In a welder apprenticeship, you will learn practical skills, how to interpret blueprints and inspect work, keep track of materials, and…

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Atlanta welders need to know these things about welding aluminum

atlanta welder working

If you wonder which city in the USA is known for metal industry prosperity, the answer is Atlanta. Skilled Atlanta welders are famous not only in their hometown but even in the other states. Welding, in general, and aluminum, in particular, is the core of development in such industries as automotive, aviation and construction. It is a…

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