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Atlanta Welders safety tips

So you’ve decided to enter into the world of welding…Whether you’re looking at this as a DIY project or something to complement your existing business, welding can be a useful and rewarding skill to master. Yet, newbie Atlanta Welders should consider some tips and tricks before diving headfirst into your first welding project. Master the…

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How to Become an Apprentice Welder in 2022

welder apprentice working

Looking to start a new and lucrative trade where you will get to be hands-on with metal? Becoming an apprentice welder is an increasingly popular option for people on the job search in 2022. In a welder apprenticeship, you will learn practical skills, how to interpret blueprints and inspect work, keep track of materials, and…

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Atlanta Welding Shop Trends


There have been some beneficial updates for those that operate Atlanta welding shops. New technologies to provide easy workflow training and enhanced safety features allow welders to practice their craft without fear of accidents and with the ability to have advanced functionality. Automated Welders The first ones to check out are automated welders. These welder…

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Atlanta welders need to know these things about welding aluminum

atlanta welder working

If you wonder which city in the USA is known for metal industry prosperity, the answer is Atlanta. Skilled Atlanta welders are famous not only in their hometown but even in the other states. Welding, in general, and aluminum, in particular, is the core of development in such industries as automotive, aviation and construction. It is a…

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MIG Welding Repair Tips for Aluminum

MIG Welding repair

MIG welding repair may be a challenge for a beginner welder. The metal has an oxide layer on top and a relatively low melting point. This makes aluminum parts difficult to repair because there’s a high chance of burning it through, ending up with a puddle of molten metal on the ground. If the part…

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4 Things to Do Before Starting Any Welding Project

welder working

Preparing for a welding project is as important as completing it well. You take responsibility not only for the success but for your safety as well. The job is pretty dangerous, especially if you don’t have protective gear or tend to neglect checks and preparation. There are 4 main things you have to do before…

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Understanding the Best Welding Types for Different Applications


Over 50% of American-made products require some form of welding. From commercial projects to industrial construction, welding is one of the most sought-after skills in the workforce. You might be a hobby welder or an up-and-coming pro. You might be a homeowner who wants to understand how welding affects you. In any case, it’s beneficial to understand the…

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